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Are you tired of your outdated bathroom? Are you looking for a bathroom renovation service in New Jersey that suits your budget? Then, Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens is the right place! We provide the following services for bathroom remodel or renovation projects that meet the quality and guarantee your satisfaction. It is our priority to make your bathroom transformation an effortless journey.

Design Consultation

A home remodel project is an expensive undertaking, and it is essential to consider the design of your bathroom remodel with experts. Here at The Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens, we will address your questions and concerns by keeping in touch with you for the whole duration of the project. Our design experts can visit your home for a design appointment and conduct a survey to check your specifications. Moreover, we can give you a wide range of bathroom ideas as well from classical to contemporary, to suit your style and budget before the project commences.

Remodel and Installation

Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens is your one-way round solution for your bathroom renovation and remodeling projects. With our experienced and skilled remodel experts, we can help you bring new life and atmosphere to your bathroom by considering your expectations based on your vision and functional needs. And whether it is a small adjustment or a major overhaul, we will provide you beforehand with a digitized layout of your proposed plan to help you determine the overall appeal and direction of your bathroom project. Our team of experienced installers also has the knowledge and expertise in the technical aspects of the remodeling project to ensure that every part of your bathroom is built to last.

Repair Service

Bathrooms are one of the busiest parts of the home. Thus, we understand that every homeowner has to deal with common bathroom problems, such as faded paint, molded walls, cabinets, appliances, broken faucets, pipes, fixtures, and clogged sinks. Here at The Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens, we provide the best solutions to these problems. We offer repair services to fix broken pipes and fixtures, cabinets, appliances, and wirings. And if needed, we can replace those by picking out the right brand for you. Our trusted maintenance team also has the right tools to install exhaust fans, cabinets, tiles, lights, wall coverings, and other necessary bathroom stuff with care.


Your bathroom transformation will not be complete without the mention of accessories. Accessories are an integral part of every bathroom, and they are essential for the overall look and functionality of your private space. Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens also offers a wide selection of up-to-date bathroom products and accessories at a friendly price.

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