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Are you looking for a reasonable kitchen cabinet make-over in New Jersey? Here at the Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens, you are at the right place! We specialize in improving and remodeling kitchens with quality and high-end cabinets, countertops, and other accessories that are suitable for your kitchen needs, anytime and anywhere in New Jersey. Since spaces for kitchen improvements and remodeling are always at a premium, we also apply the latest trends and innovations to meet our clients’ expectations in designs, and to impart ideas to the usual problems regarding storage and clutter. Our expertise and experience in this industry will help you to have the kitchen of your dreams. To help you save time and make your dream kitchen a reality, here are the top services we offer that are right for you!

Brand Selection

When it comes to your kitchen needs, Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens has a lot to offer since we have all major brands on display, such as panel materials for cabinets, worktops, and cupboards, as well as tiles and hardwood flooring. Depending on your preference, we carry a wide variety of brands that will surely suit your taste for your kitchen at an amazing value.

Installation Service

Installing kitchen cabinets is a daunting task but here at the Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens, we provide installation services whether it is a big or small project. Prior to installation, our installer will coordinate with you to consider your concerns. Regardless of the details, we are committed to bringing new life to your kitchen by finishing the project on time and doing it right without compromising care, precision, and durability.

Customize Service

Customized kitchens are much coveted. Whether you prefer a traditional or a modern day-contemporary looking kitchen, we can help you. With our customized services, you can build your dream kitchen that fits your design preferences. One great thing about our service is you can choose the style, material, or color for your kitchen cabinet, giving you endless options for your personal touch.

Digital 3-D Layout

Digital 3-D kitchen layout is one of the best innovative services we offer. Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens can help you visualize different styles within your space. This allows our clients to look at a particular design style before the start of a project and see how they can utilize cabinets and appliances in the kitchen for functional use. The digital layout also allows us and the client to find new ways to make the most of available space in the kitchen. By simply entering your kitchen’s dimension in our layout, you can choose the different cabinets, walls, flooring, and paint for your ideal kitchen.

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