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There are many good reasons to have wood flooring in your house. Aside from the timeless style and durability, wood flooring is also a great investment. While carpets and linoleum products are good, they don’t fare well over time; and you may find yourself replacing them often, adding to your financial burden. If you are looking for a wood flooring installer in New Jersey, Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens is here to help you! Whatever your budget, we can transform your home’s flooring with fantastic offers and services at the best price guaranteed.

Selection of Wood Types

Basically, the best wood for floors is made of wood species that are very hard. For real estate developers, hardwood is the most ideal material for house wood flooring. Our New Jersey showroom has a large selection of exotic, domestic, and customized hardwood floors for your home. We also have reliable experts to assist you and make the selection process easy as a breeze. So, if you are considering installing hardwood floors in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, we definitely have the best and most high-quality hardwood for you.

Styles, Brands, and Design

Here at the Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens, we offer hardwood floors with distinct and pleasing styles to add stunning looks, warmth, and character to any part of your house––from stairs, forays, hallways, to the kitchen, living room, library, and bedroom. We guarantee that the selection of brands we showcase, such as Mirage, Mercier, and DuChateau to name a few, have an unmatched natural beauty that goes with any interior decor. All of our hardwood floors are also designed to meet our clients’ demand for functionality, durability, and versatility: easy to clean and maintain, prevents dust allergies, and ages in grace. Not only do hardwood floors offer a timeless beauty in any abode but also increase the property value over time.

Fitting and Installation

With the right and latest tools, we can fit and install all types of wood regardless of flooring technicalities. Our professional wood floor installers will handle all the processes of fitting and installation, from assessing site conditions, moisture, and humidity levels, subfloor’s suitability, and addressing any of your concerns from start to finish of the project. Our installers are also qualified and experienced craftsmen who work with precision and are aware of the highest quality standards with keen attention to detail, giving you control over your investment.

Replacement and Repair

Wood Floor Planet & Kitchens also specialize in hardwood replacement to bring you the latest trends in wood flooring. We also offer repair services to fix all types of wood floor problems like fading, scratches, wide gaps, buckling boards, cupped and crowning edges, and many more. Our replacement and repair services are your total solution to maintaining wood floorings at home.

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